Monday, October 20, 2014

Have you ever moved across country? I have 3 times.  It is so hard.  I think the most difficult part is leaving part of your heart so far away.  Moving is funny.  The first year can be so hard as you get adjusted, meet new people and get used to your new way of life.  I am funny, where when I first move to a new place I try to resist everything about it.  I tell myself I hate it all because I am so homesick for what I know and love.  Then gradually without you knowing it, the new place you are living sinks into your heart.  You make friends, find restaurants you love and it just becomes home.  This is what happened to me when I lived in Miami.  At first I hated everything about it.  Then, when it came time to move away after 3 years, my heart was broken to leave the people and home that I loved.  So, just a few days ago I made this sign to make me feel better.  I feel like I brought a little piece of Miami with me.  It hangs at my front entryway for all to see.  Bienvenidos amigos.  Welcome to our home! Friends new and friends old.  If you are interested in this sign or any of our others please message me at for more information.

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